Tavio y Cabrera, E., Santina, C.D., Borja, P. (2024). A Hybrid Control Approach for a Pneumatic-Actuated Soft Robot. In Proceedings in Advanced Robotics, vol 29. doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-55000-3_2

The compliant nature of soft robots is appealing to a wide range of applications. However, this compliant property also poses several control challenges, e.g., how to deal with infinite degrees of freedom and highly nonlinear behaviors.

This paper proposes a hybrid controller for a pneumatic-actuated soft robot. To this end, a model-based feedforward controller is designed and combined with a correction torque calculated via Gaussian process regression. Then, the proposed model-based and hybrid controllers are experimentally validated, and a detailed comparison between controllers is presented. Notably, the experimental results highlight the potential benefits of adding a learning approach to a model-based controller to enhance the closed-loop performance while reducing the computational load exhibited by purely learning strategies.